NetFront - Shortcuts


Shortcuts provide quick access to certain browser functionality. The browser comes with the following shortcuts predefined:

1 (Go to) Top of page
2 (Go to) Bottom of page
3 Add bookmark
4 Open web page
5 Entered URLs
7 Save image
8 Next window
9 Find next
0 NetFront settings
* Full screen on/off
# Change rendering mode

You can toggle using numeric keys (plus * and #) as shortcuts to browser functionality or as access keys. Access keys are used in some i-mode or WAP pages as shortcuts to items on a page. Therefore, when shortcuts are enabled, access keys on i-mode or WAP pages are not functional.

Commands and functionality can be remapped in the browser settings. When you are on the shortcuts tab press the key to which you want to assign some new functionality. A list of available commands is shown, but the current assignment may only be visible after scrolling. Select the respective command from the list. If this command was already assigned to some other key, a dialog appears asking you whether you want to reassign. If you confirm with Yes, the old assignment is cleared and set to none. You cannot assign the same command to multiple keys.

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