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Going online
Navigating with NetFront
Using NetFront

Going online

Configuring your Internet Access Point
For browsing with NetFront you need to define an Internet access point on your phone which is different from existing WAP or MMS access points. This is done in the phone's main menu / tools / settings / connection settings. Usually a phone comes with a number of access points predefined for several providers. Otherwise the Nokia Setting Wizard application coming preinstalled on many phones can configure your access points automatically. If all of this doesn’t work, ask your provider for the Internet settings, and you also will find a list of operator’s settings on our website.

Opening a Web page
NetFront provides several ways to open a page: From the bookmark list, by entering a URL, or open a list of previously entered URLs, go to previous or next page, use the history list, or by opening pages that have been saved to the phone’s local drive.

If there is no active Internet connection, the browser will try to connect and ask you, which access point to use, if you did not define a default access point.


Navigating within pages
Normal navigation within a web page is done by using the cursor control. Using the arrow keys in any direction moves the focus to the next link/image in that direction. The focus on anchors is highlighted. You can keep the cursor control pushed for fast scrolling. Scrolling speed can be controlled in the browser settings.

Selecting items
To select an item on a web page or in a menu, navigate to the respective item by using the cursor control. When you arrive at the item - usually it will be highlighted by a recangular frame or some background color - activate it by pressing the selection key.

Filling in Forms
To fill a form, move the focus to an input field. After pressing the selection key you can enter your text. Like in other applications you can change your input mode by pressing the edit button. Choose alpha-, number- or dictionary mode.

When displaying a website based on frames, NetFront is providing a preview of each frame displayed. Select a preview and press the selection key to open the respective frame in a separate window.

Using NetFront

Pressing [OPTIONS] takes you to the main menu of NetFront which is the control center of the application. Here you will start to get to all settings, commands and options. More efficient than using the menu is to make use of the keyboard shortcuts.

View modes
Switch to Full screen mode to use the entire screen for displaying web pages. Toggle between different page rendering modes by using the # shortcut: Desktop setting displays the site without any screen optimization; Smart-Fit optimizes pages for the small screen, and Text-Only mode NetFront drops images to reduce memory consumption and transmitted data thus saving cost.

Saving pages and images
With the predefined shortcut 7 or from the Tools menu you can activate Save image mode. Scroll the page and select the image that you would like to save and press the selection key, then the left softkey. The image is saved into your phones photo album. Pressing Back will bring you back to normal browsing mode. The Save page command saves the whole page including images into a single file that you can later read offline from the Saved pages folder.

New window
You can have up to four browser windows open at the same time. Use the Open/New window command to add one and the Next window command to switch to the next open window of your browsing session.

Help notes
When selecting several tools or changing between different modes, information boxes will pop up and display context based help. If you press OK, the help notes are kept as reminders and will appear again the next time you choose the specific option. Permanently suppress the windows by with Hide.

Pressing shortcut 6 takes you to the bookmark list. Select a page and press the cursor control to open one. To add the currently opened web page to the bookmark list press shortcut 3. If a title is defined in the web page this information will be added, too. To edit this title, or manage your bookmarks, sopen the bookmarks list, navigate to the respective bookmark and press [OPTIONS] Edit.

Search and find
Find in the page lets you search for an occurence of a search string in a page, to continue the search select Find next or press 9. To scan the Internet for certain information with Google search choose Find on the Web.

File download
With NetFront you can download all kind of files. File types recognized by the OS are downloaded and handed over to the respective application (e.g. .wav files go to the recorder) and can be saved there. If the file type is not known and no application is related you can select [OPTIONS] / Save and choose whether to store the file on the phone or on MMC (e.g. .xls, .doc). To display information about MIME type and related application of the file select [OPTIONS] / Open after download.

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