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NetFront Features

Smart-Fit Rendering™:
Adapts the data to fit into the screen width, eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling

Allows for the quick display of web pages at different zoom levels

File Download
Program and image download

Character Copy/Paste
Copy and paste characters

Image Save
Image select mode for conveniently saving images

Scroll bar
visualizes your position in the page while scrolling

Search and Find
within pages and on the Internet

Contents Settings
On/off control of various settings (Image display, GIF, animation, JavaScript, CSS, etc.)

Full screen mode
Switches on/off the display of the title and menu bar

File explorer dialogue
Browse your local files to find pictures and HTML files

Configurable shortcuts
For quick acess to most often used functionality

Different scrolling modes
- Jump from link to link
- Image select mode
- fast scroll

Integration with other S60 applications
Enables the invocation of external applications such as MP3 Audio player, MPEG4 Videoplayer

New in NetFront v3.3

  1. Intelligent Pop-Up Blocker
  2. RSS/Atomfeed Support
  3. Web Data and Password Manager
  4. (Automatically complete text input)
  5. Improved DHTML support
  6. Multiple browser windows

Supported Standards

Compliance to all important internet and OMA standards:

  1. HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.1, WML
  2. XHTML Mobile Profile, cHTML, iHTML
  3. CSS1, CSS2 (including CSS Mobile Profile)

Dynamic Internet

  1. Dynamic HTML, DOM 1, 2
  2. ECMAScript (JavaScript 1.5)

Secure Internet

  1. SSL (128-bit encryption), authentication, DRM

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